Wrestling Talent

SLAM! Wrestling Finland offers the best professional wrestling talent from Finland and neighboring countries like Sweden and Russia, to Europe continentally, to the world at large. Below you will find some of the top, international wrestling talent that we can provide for your events.

SLAM Wrestling Finland ammattipainijat StarBuck
StarBuck is the pioneer of Finnish professional wrestling and a 25 year veteran of the global ring wars.  He's been a 3-time European champion in addition to multiple titles around the world. StarBuck brings true veteran experience and a believable in-ring style to any event.
SLAM Wrestling Finland ammattipainijat Vladimir Kulakov
"The Russian Wolverine" is every bit what his name implies, ferocious and quick.  Built like an overmuscled pitbull, Kulakov is a Russian tag team champion and a former Hardcore wrestling champion.  If you even blink when you're against Kulakov, the game will be over!
SLAM Wrestling Finland ammattipainijat Shanna
Portugal's perfect athlete Shanna is true beauty and a tremendous fan favorite wherever she wrestles. With nearly 15 years of ring experience, Shanna's charisma is world-class and she is sure to win over the fans with her dazzling smile and friendly demeanor.
SLAM Wrestling Finland ammattipainijat Kasey
The fury of Russian women's wrestling, ”The Queen of Scream” Kasey, comes from a kickboxing background and is known for her intense striking ability and loud screams during her matches. While other girls might have heart, Kasey has malice and that factor drives her to be the best.
SLAM Wrestling Finland ammattipainijat Tiny Iron
Tiny Iron is a true phenomenon of a huge man, standing almost two meters tall and weighing close to 150kg, this gargantuan powerhouse has biceps the size of watermelons that need to be seen to be believed! Wherever Tiny Iron appears he creates a stir!
SLAM Wrestling Finland ammattipainijat Natalia Markova
Natalia Markova is Russia's hottest female export in Pro Wrestling. Known as the Russian Crush, Natalia can be nasty and ruthless inside the ring. Her style is very diverse and visual, wowing audiences. When Natalia is in the ring, you can appreciate both her beauty and her skills!
SLAM Wrestling Finland ammattipainijat Meiko Satomura
Meiko Satormua is one of Japan's most well-known and respected female wrestlers worldwide. She has wrestled since 1995 and is known for her hard strikes and "Japanese Strong Style" of hard-handed grappling. Meiko brings true class to any event, adding definitive value!
SLAM Wrestling Finland ammattipainijat Betty Rose
The Pin-Up Punisher bringing '50s flair to the wrestling ring. Her athletic fighting style is sure to bring her opponents to their knees. And while her spectacular offense and pure power will wow the crowd, her dazzling charisma will surely win their hearts.
SLAM Wrestling Finland ammattipainijat Demolition Davies
Demolition Davies is one of Germany's premiere big man wrestlers these days, tipping the scales at 191cm tall and 190kg of bad intentions! Looking like a brute out of the Mad Max movies, Demolition Davies crushes the opposition with his bulk and mass!
SLAM Wrestling Finland ammattipainijat Yoshihiro Tajiri
Tajiri is one of the most well-known wrestlers ever out of Japan and a former WWE Cruiserweight, US and Tag Team champion. A 25-year veteran of the ring, Tajiri is a former kickboxer known for his lightning-quick kicks and truly unorthodox wrestling style.
SLAM Wrestling Finland ammattipainijat Heimo Ukonselkä
Heimo is a feared 11+ year veteran of the ring wars, a former Finnish and German wrestling champion, and one of the meanest brawlers on the planet.  In 2013, Heimo even made an appearance on WWE Smackdown television. Heimo is one of the most unique talents!
SLAM Wrestling Finland ammattipainijat Stark Adder
Stark Adder is a former Finnish wrestling champion and a follower of Eastern martial arts.  This ring veteran has been in the game since 2004 and he's known as one of Finland's most technical grapplers.  Respect is Adder's utmost philosophy.
Anton Deryabin is the biggest wrestler out of Russia today, with 140kg of crusing mass behind him! Deryabin is quick despite his size and he doesn't know mercy or pity. Anyone who steps into the ring against this man has a long night ahead of them!
Ken Malmsteen is a true playboy wresting talent and a megalomanical player at that.  Ken believes that he is God's gift to women and that they all turn into silly putty before him.  Malmsteen's dirty tricks and underhanded tactics often afford him an upper hand during matches.
Aya Frick - the bad girl your mother warned you about. This woman makes sure to bring sex and violence to the squared circle on her own terms. Through her sometimes morally doubtful methods this woman will do anything (and we do mean ANYTHING) to walk away victorious.
Ivan Markov is the most successful export out of Russia in all of pro wrestling. Ivan's trademark is the Hardcore Match style, which he is known for. Markov is like Jason from Friday the 13th, he just refuses to stay down... and when he comes back, he's your worst nightmare!
The most prolific female wrestler ever out of Sweden, Helena Sixt is a force to be reckoned with. Incorporating a martial arts background and Scandinavian ”strong style”, the first lady of Swedish wrestling is as ferocious in the ring as she is gracious on the outside.
Fabio is renowned for being a crafty and devious wrestler from a very affluent family lineage in Italy. A supreme sportsman, there is literally nothing the man can't do, with the kind of calculating mind that Fabio has, most times he comes up a winner in the ring.
Hungary's colorful sea pirate Captain Blake Steamer brings to mind Davey Jones from Pirate of the Caribbean, making him a sure-fire hit with children. Blake's charisma is intoxicating and his wrestling style is full of spark and pizzaz. Blake is a must-have kids' attraction!
David Turger is the pioneer of pro wrestling in Hungary, where the business has achieved great heights of popularity and success. Turger is a mean, big man, standing 1.90m, weighing 105kg. Aggression defines this man's in-ring style, so don't be the one standing in his way!
Mikk "The Nomad" Vainula comes from the wildlands of Estonia near the city of Rakvere. This big 1.88m/110kg battle-hardened army veteran and special forces member is a hard hitting brawler that never backs down from a fight and shows great heart while doing so.
Polar Pekko is a young man with a tremendous gift for highly athletic and mind-blowing high-impact wrestling maneuvers, Pekko's finishing move called the Shooting Star Press off the top rope has to be seen to be believed. Polar Pekko shines like the Northern Lights of Finland!
Kert Kukk is a brash and loud-mouthed young wrestler from Rakvere, Estonia. Having been an active grappler since 2017, Kukk is steadily gaining steam and realizing his full potential, showing tons of heart and fighting spirit. Kukk is easily a beloved underdog in the ring.
Viktor Tykki is a great example of the adage "don't judge a book by its cover." This young man moves with the speed of a cruiserweight but with the strength of a heavyweight. In a very short period of time, Tykki has already risen to being one of Finland's top wrestlers.
James Mason may very well be viewed as the James Bond 007 of the British wrestling scene. With more matches under his belt in the UK than anyone active today, Mason has wrestled them all. James is slick, smooth and technically as good as it gets inside the ring.
Big Jurn Simmons from Holland has been a world champion for wXw out of Germany, which puts him automatically on the map in terms of top wrestling talent from Europe. This big man is truly aggressive in the ring. A top name from England to Central Europe!
”The Luchadore of Lapland” Jami Aalto has wrestled since 2015. Jami is super-athletic and gifted in the art of aerial maneuvers with an acrobatic wrestling style. Jami is also unpredictable in the ring so don't let his easy-going demeanor fool you.


Teemu was originally schooled in Pro Wrestling refereeing in Atlanta, USA by fomer WWE wrestler Curtis ”Big Cat” Hughes (aka Mr. Hughes) in 2013. Upon moving to Finland, Teemu has become arguably the most experienced international wrestling referee in the Nordics, acting as the ring authority in countries like Finland, Sweden, Estonia and even the UK.
American Matt Cross, aka "M-Dogg", is one of the most traveled wrestlers in the world. He even wrestled on the Netflix series Lucha Underground as Son of Havoc under the mask. Matt has a gymnastics background and he is one of the best cruiserweights in the world.
Sadie is a fomer competitive gymnast and fitness competitor with an amazing arsenal of flips in her unique wrestlig style. Sadie also wrestles for AEW in the USA, in addtion to wowing audiences in Japan and all around Europe. Sadie's acrobatic ring style will win you over!
"The French Stallion" Tom La Ruffa has wrestled for WWE NXT as well as Impact Wrestling in North America. Tom is a very well-rounded wrestling talent with 15 years of experience. Tom is fiery and fierce inside the ring, bringing true, international experience to any event.


Dylan operated his own Pro Wrestling promotion in Toronto in his native Canada called Extreme Wrestling Alliance before moving to Finland a few years ago. He's been refereeing Pro Wrestling for a couple of years and brings solid, international officiating to international matches.
Ivelisse represents the top tier of women's pro wrestling out of North America today. She's a member of the AEW roster in the USA and has also wrestled for Netflix's Lucha Underground. Ivelisse can be nasty and conniving inside the ring, so look out for La Sicaria!
18 year old Scotty Davis is a phenomenal wrestling talent, hailing from Ireland. Starting his amateur wrestling career at six years of age, Scotty became a pro at 13 already! Scotty is ultra-athletic with a variety of suplex throws in his repertoire and youth on his side!
We are constantly adding new, international wrestling talent to our roster, depending on the wishes and demands of our clients. Keep your eyes peeled and follow SLAM! Wrestling Finland at Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter at /slamwres for more!


Coming from an army background, serving currently as a senior lieutenant, Aki has been refereeing Pro Wrestling for a couple of years in Finland. Aki is sure to call the matches straight down the middle as a staunch authority inside of the wrestling ring.