Below you will find an assortment of match videos featuring the talent offered to you through SLAM! Wrestling Finland.  As you can see, we have a diverse and entertaining assortment of different kinds of action to offer you.  Contact us today for an offer for your event:

SLAM! Wrestling Finland Mega Launch - music video montage

Mikk Vainula & Kert Kukk (EE) vs. Jami Aalto & Polar Pekko (FI)

Ken Malmsteen (SE) vs. Stark Adder (FI)

Ivan Markov (RU) vs. Heimo Ukonselkä (FI)

David Turger (HU) vs. Shemeikka (FI)

Fabio Ferrari (IT) vs. "The Rebel" StarBuck (CAN)

Natalia Markova (RU) vs. Shanna (PT) vs. Betty Rose (SE)

Demolition Davies (DE) vs. Tiny Iron (EN)

Wrestle Aid 2019 highlight video montage

"The Rebel" StarBuck (CA) vs. James Mason (EN)

Natalia Markova (RU) vs. Helena Sixt (SE)

Reumaliitto ja SLAM! Wrestling Finland